SEA BOOK FAIR 2023 Exhibition in the 75th Frankfurt Buchmesse

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The annual Frankfurt Buchmesse in October is the world's largest and most influential international cultural event, not only attracting publishers, authors and readers from all over the world, but also serving as the city's reading festival celebration and showcasing the everyday reading lifestyle of its people. The 75th Frankfurt Book Fair was held from October 18th to 22nd, and the exhibition and display about China's architectural and cultural sector organized by the Sino-European Architecture Media Center (SEAMC) was also presented in the German Pavilion, which gained great attention and recognition from the general european audience.

The 75th Frankfurt Buchmesse focuses on the most pressing issues related to literature and society. The five-day cultural exhibition, which takes into account the diversity of participation by professionals and the public, is the largest event since 2020. At the opening ceremony, the German Minister of State for Culture and Media, Claudia Roth, on behalf of Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz, emphasized the importance of literature as a cross-culture. Slovenia, the Guest of Honor, presented its variety of literary and cultural scene under the theme "Honeycomb of Words ".

Vision of Cross Culture

SEAMC (the Sino-Europe Architecture Media Center) and SGSUAA (the Sino-Germany Sustainable Urbanism and Architecture Association e.V.) together with academicians, masters, media, artists and exhibitors in fields of urban, architecture, culture and music, are joining the German Pavilion under the theme of ‘Vision of Cross Culture’.

With the theme of ‘Urban and Architecture’, the exhibition integrated culture, music and art. Presents the wisdom of the East, creative practices and respect for intellectual property rights in an international stage through independent publications, art books, portfolios, creative practices, design and creative products and video images, etc.


SEAMC × Urban Evolution








UAPP Culture


Pengsong Art




Urban China

Tongji University Press • CityWalk


Frankfurt Book Fair GmbH

German Publishers and Booksellers Association



CHENG Taining-CCTN DESIGN / HE Jingtang / HUANG Xingyuan / SEAMC & VANKE / SEAMC / Assbook / ARCHI-LOOP / SUNSHINE PR / WANG Wanbin / TONGJI UNIVERSITY PRESS-CITY WALK / URBAN CITY / STUDIO LINK-ARC,LLC / ARCH EXIST PHOTOGRAPHY / ZHANG Ming+ZHANG Zi-TJAD Original Design Studio / LUO Yujie-LUO Studio / SONG Yehao-SUP Atelier of THAD / CHEN Jiawei-iArchitectstudio / PENG Song ART / ZHAO Hairuo / CHEN Changwei / YANG Jing / NIO / XU Miao / WU Xueying

Cross-border Present of Oriental Architecture for the West

The combination of modern architectural systems originating from the West and traditional oriental creations has been further sublimated in oriental context. China's modern and contemporary architecture has also developed a unique system of architectural practice.

CCTN Design responds to the excellent practice of contemporary Chinese architecture with the works of Academician CHENG Taining in the "The Master Architect Series".

Academician HE Jingtang constructed the philosophical foundation of architectural creation with the fusion of "Place, Culture, Time – Design in Drastically Changing China", and faced the challenges of the great changes with the creation of Chinese characteristics.

With his collection of works and “Fresh Architecture”, Master HUANG Xingyuan practices the present contemporary expression of Chinese industrial architecture with cleanliness, clarity, simplicity and sincerity.

The media Assbook based on the model of “New Organization + New Design + New Media” to participate within the design. And create co-creation activities “Urban Design Festival” to linked various locations.

The Archi-Loop cuts its insights into the city and new business with new media and observations;

Sunshine PR helps the development of local outstanding design power in the form of branding, media and awards.

WANG Wanbin, Chief designer of Wuyuan Huangling, has revived the ancient village with Huangling model practice.

Tongji University Press • CityWalk series speaks out the magnificent feelings of urban life with unique strokes, and examines the changes of urban development with unique perspectives.

With the theme of “Playful City”, Urban China magazine looks back on children’s lives and responds to the relationship between people, city and space.

Studio Link-Arc tells the story of the design and construction of China Pavilion for EXPO Milano 2015 in “XPOSITIONS: Pavilion Dialogues”. The narrative is interspersed with a series of interviews with architects and scholars such as Stefano BoeriDaniel Libeskind, and Xiangning Li.

Based on the aesthetics of architecture, Arch-Exist Photography explores the imprints of time by using architecture as a carrier and combining light and shadow in a documentary way.

ZHANG Ming and ZHANG Zi from TJAD Original Design Studio, Luo Studio, SONG Yehao from SUP Atelier of THAD and CHEN Jiawei from iArchitecture Studio participated in the exhibition in the form of pictures with works which are from Sino-Europe Invitation Architecture Exhibition, organized by SEAMC.

Culture Responds to the Oriental Wellbeing Life Style

PENG Song ART practices art to change life with its values of art and keen industry knowledge in the way of art life; Associate Professor ZHAO Hairuo of Yunnan Arts Institute carries on the traditional oriental culture with devotion to traditional Chinese calligraphy. Talking about the journey of life, mind and art. Associate Professor CHEN Changwei has devoted himself to the pursuit of art through the study and practice of clay sculpture; YANG Jing, born in 1970’s and from Kunming city, explores the natural landscape and human history of her hometown Yunnan with delicate strokes, making her hometown a source of strength for everyone.

NIO SZ Magazine “YOU” is the initial magazine for NIO users, with NIO-Theater, NIO-Cafeteria, NIO-Life, and NIO-Public Welfare to tell the stories of releasing light and heat with many vivid user stories;

With the power of community co-creation, Xu Miao Co-Creation Community shows the colorful life of the community in the form of children's picture books;

Crossover designer and independent musician WU Xueying presents dreamy and soft words to express the colorful spiritual world with her unique music creation.

The five-day Frankfurt Buchmesse has come to an end, in addition to show to the world, it is a way to recognize oneself and think about the future under the international perspective. As an international cultural event, we advocate to the international perspective of cultural display and the spirit of originality, we are confident that we will further deepen in the field of design, architecture and urban publishing. Planning, writing, design, production, copyright, publishing, industry interaction and international communication are the power of our in-depth development, and we welcome more outstanding people to join, together towards Europe and world.

CN copywriter: Lane Song

EN copywriter: Zoe Kong

Editer: Lillian Fan / Lingning Xie

Photographer: Lane Song