Ms. Li Yiping Delivers a Speech on the Theory of Corporate Life Survival in the Post pandemic Era

Zeit: 16/10/2023   Quelle: anonym   Zahl anklicken: 1648

In the post pandemic era, the economic situation is facing great challenges and unprecedented variability, so many companies are unable to easily pass the product life cycle and establish a more stable corporate survival system. Therefore, Ms. Li Yiping pointed out that the combination of knowledge and technological means has led to the emergence of the term "metacognition" related to people's consciousness, thinking, emotions, social behavior, and even the brain and nervous system, such as evolutionary psychology. In management, one of the steps in solving organizational behavior problem patterns is to address the "distance that goes against expectations", which leads to a management cognitive bias caused by the deviation between the desired results and the results obtained from facts. This management cognitive bias is essentially related to the "metacognition" that exists in people's minds to a large extent, When managers believe that there is a difference between what should have happened and what actually happened, there will be a conflict between "metacognition" and "current cognition". If managers do not change their inherent consciousness in the process of predicting results and develop contingency plans, it will create the most primitive obstacle to the effectiveness of management. Ms. Li Yiping gave an example of a forward-looking approach to combining technology and industry to achieve sustained short-term cash flow. This speech was highly recognized by the entrepreneurs present. As the founder of Beijing Yike Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Ms. Li Yiping is committed to empowering enterprises to achieve exponential growth, business systems, and business strategies, from phased planning to comprehensive implementation of business indicators. As a senior business consultant for multiple domestic and foreign enterprises, Ms. Li Yiping focuses on technological foresight, post pandemic characteristics, and economic stability Enterprises have provided in-depth solutions and suggestions for multiple industries in 2024, including breakthroughs in finding new opportunities. Previously, Ms. Li Yiping was invited to attend multiple events as a visiting professor, entrepreneurship and innovation consultant, tenured professor at American universities, and academician. He has also been invited to serve as a special consultant for domestic and foreign museums and has initiated multiple public welfare projects to support the common development of international business. He has proposed the concept of "anti discourse structure and node management", which provides strong support for leadership development and enterprise transformation strategies in the digital era, as well as resource win-win cooperation.